Partners & clients

The professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm that our employees give to the daily operation result in the satisfaction of our customers, which encourage us to continue our efforts to be considered an important part of your team.
We have received good service and support from Wera Agentes Aduanales. The professionalism from their team is of the highest level. It’s important to note that the agency hired by them for the operations in Cd. Acuña has been a key part for our trade in that region. They have a team of professionals in foreign commerce that is always attentive of the operations and changes that arise daily. Thank you for your service.
As for our company, we have received very polite service and on-time attention. Also, they always try to solve any issue that arises as long as it’s in their hands.
We heard about Wera through a person we contacted in Juarez that works in the Tax Office Service. She recommended that we work with them to import material we use. Since the first time we used their service we were pleased with their efficiency and expertise, which is noticeable in their way of working.
MAG Geotecnia Aplicada a la Construcción S.A. de C.V.
In the time we have with this commercial relationship, we have felt very happy with them, since they have showed us great service, treating us just as well as the larger companies. Their staff is very well prepared and attentive.
Wera is a company that we have worked with for many years and they’ve provided us with excellent and solid service. The professionalism that backs them up allows us to trust them with our daily operations in foreing trade, since every element of Wera is fully trained in all aspects needed to provide personalized attention with the corresponding legal framework. The innovation of their infrastructure is solid and their forward view to generate new services with the uprising legal and operational changes in the maquila industry inspire us to continue to work with them.