serviceicon4 Import services through comercializer with IMMEX program or under local commercialization

service4If you’re an individual or a company, you have the need to import your merchandise to Mexico but you don’t have the mandatory authorizations such as certification of importer or sectional certification, we can offer you the corresponding services through our “commercializing offices”. We can import your merchandise to Mexico for an accessible price and a service designed for your company to deduct such purchases and related expenses.

We can offer this service in two modalities:

  • Domestic commercialization: permanent imports of merchandise that are delivered with a national taxable invoice for use or commercialization within the country.
  • Temporary import: under the maquila program, you are provided with your merchandise in Mexico with the complied and covered customs paperwork, delivering under temporary operation to your own IMMEX program or to your client’s. This way you benefit from tax incentives derived from the commercial incentive program.

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