serviceicon2 Advice and consulting for foreing commerce

asesoriaAn important part of our array of services is the advice and consulting we provide in foreign trade, amongst which we can highlight:

  • Consulting in foreign commerce and customs
  • Advice and legal defense in matters of foreign trade and tax law
  • Management, certifications, authorizations and different process executions such as:
    • General census of importers and sectional census
    • Registry and procedures before the VUCEM (Universal Window of Mexican Foreign Commerce)
    • Authorization for the maquila industry program
    • Certified Enterprise (registry and renovation)
    • Consulting of foreign commerce operations (data stage)
    • Previous permits of import and export
    • Records and authorizations of the required government institutions
  • Tariff classification
  • Courses and training in foreign trade
  • Return processes and contribution compensations
  • Evaluation of origin restrictions
  • Customs audits
  • Supervision of inventories

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