About the company

Our company has a solid infrastructure as well as top strategic alliances with companies in Mexico and the United States.

The sum of experience has put Wera Custom Agents as a trusted adviser amongst its clients, perceived as a solid support in its management and colateral activities needed for a successful international commerce operation.


Mission Statement

WERA Custom Agents is a company commited with international commerce, being our main goal to offer specialized service with top quality to our current and future clients.

Quality Policy

At WERA Custom Agents we are commited to offer to our clients an excellent service specialized in international commerce through the search and application of new technologies, as well as our constant training that contributes to the strenghtening of our quality management system continuously.


We base our existance in competitiveness, honesty and professionalism to become part of our clients’ team, so that they can unload upon us part of the planning, management and control tasks that international trade implies. Than way, we can provide them with time to focus on their primary commercial activities.